Beat the heat this summer ! Stop worrying about electricity bills….

Beat the heat this summer ! Stop worrying about electricity bills….

Its summer time and you can literally feel the heat. As you wipe the sweat from your body and reach for your AC remote, a thought comes to mind. What about the electricity bill?

Your split AC could be consuming 1.8 units of electricity per hour. Then there’s all those late night football matches on TV. With cricket matches and movies, your TV is on a 24 hour schedule. The fan to keep you cool and the lights switched on all day? The electricity bills will kill you this summer.

Is there a way to escape this nightmare? Why not go solar this summer?

Why Go Solar This Summer?

The answer is right before you. To save electricity of course, and help the nation save precious fuel.

1. Solar energy cuts down electricity bills

House owners are turning to solar energy because its free and it cuts down the electricity bills. I am not asking you to cut off your electricity connection from the power grid. That would be unwise.

Just install a rooftop solar plant and tap the power of the sun during the day. You can use the electricity from the power grid at night. This would cut down on costly electricity bills.

So why not go completely off the power grid? If you are completely cut-off from the power grid, you will need batteries to store solar power and batteries can be costly. Then there’s maintenance.

A good idea would be net-metering. Net-metering allows consumers who generate electricity from solar panels to use it anytime, instead of when it is generated.

So its simple isn’t it? Use all the electricity you want in the day from the solar panel and at night, use the power grid. You will save a lot on electricity bills this summer, right?

2. Get subsidies on going solar

The Government wants to save precious fuel. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set a target that by 2022, renewable energy generation in India would go up 5 times to 1,75,000 MW.

The Government is serious on solar energy and provides you a subsidy of 30% on the total cost of installation of a rooftop solar plant. There is a special subsidy of 70% for people who reside in special category states.

So go solar this summer.

3. What about the cost of going solar?

The cost of a solar power system of 1KW which can generate an average of 120-150 units of electricity in a month can cost close to Rs. 40000-50000. But, you can save close to Rs. 15000-18000 a year on electricity bills. You could recover the cost of investment on solar equipment, within 4-5 years.

If your electricity bill exceeds Rs 1,500 a month, then consider going solar this summer. The solar panels could last for 25 years and require very little maintenance. A great investment, right?

So if you find electricity bills shooting up in summer, consider a grid-connected PV power system. This is going to be cheap as it requires less maintenance and no batteries, as energy is not stored. If there is ample sunlight in your area, go for a grid-connected PV power system. You can use solar power during the day and the power grid for electricity at night.

Go solar with  Greenergize India Solar and enjoy peace of mind this summer.

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  1. That’s a great idea…solar is the new trend.. Not just to save money but also the environment. Keep going.. 🙂

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